If You Like Your Insurance, You Can Keep It? Not If It’s UnitedHealth in California


Obama can’t even tell the truth about his law.
Check it out:

The news today is that UnitedHealthcare is the latest insurer to drop individual coverage in California because it’s just too expensive and it’s too much trouble under Obamacare. Now, folks, this outfit, UnitedHealth, is probably the biggest propagandists of all the insurance companies for Obamacare. This is classic.

You remember when this thing was in its infancy. We had a number of hospitals, or hospital groups and associations, and a number of insurance companies, which really perplexed me, all signed up to get on board this thing, and I wasn’t thinking about the crony capitalist connections here. But these industries were offered insider status and some sort of benefit or whatever if they would help Obama get it passed. Insurance companies were asked, I think, to fund TV ads, and they did, to an extent. Hospital groups were asked to get involved in the same way by giving money to the Obama campaign to sell this thing.

I don’t understand this. These people, do they not understand — it’s like the Republican Party — do they not understand what Obama has planned for their demise? I guess the seductive allure of being close to power and being officially tied to the administration as it’s reforming health care might have made these people all think that they had an insurance policy themselves. That if they were gonna be intimately involved in it, that Obamacare would look out for ’em, take care of them, I don’t know. But what I do know is that this was crony capitalism, and it was made to happen, it did happen because these people didn’t have the slightest understanding or desire to look at Obama ideologically and find out that he doesn’t believe in the free market.

Why would anybody in the free market help this guy when his objective is to wipe them out? But they all did. And so the news today is that UnitedHealthcare, California, the latest insurer to drop individual coverage because it’s just too expensive. They’re not gonna be able to sell anybody any policies. It’s too much trouble. Now, some people speculated that it was because they were gonna get special sweetheart deals under Obamacare, and maybe they thought they were, and maybe the insurance companies thought they were. Maybe they thought they were gonna be protected, whereas others in the private sector where health care is concerned would be destroyed, they
thought maybe they will be protected.



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