How Did the Pew Poll Find Illegals in the Shadows?


This is easy. Everyone knows where they are, it’s just a matter of liberals not wanting to do anything about them.
Check it out:

“A poll released Monday by Pew Research Center shows that Latino illegal immigrants, given the opportunity to vote, would vote Democratic at an eight-to-one clip; 31% of illegal immigrants of Latino descent identify themselves as Democrats, compared to just 4% who identify as Republicans; another 23% lean Democrat, compared with 15% who lean Republican. Over time, illegal immigrants also begin identifying with political parties.

“For those in the US under ten years, 26% identified with Democrats against 9% for Republicans,” and the bottom line is: “Overall, Latino immigrants eligible to vote identify as Democrats vs. Republicans at a 54% to 11% clip.” That’s Latino immigrants eligible to vote. Now, the Washington Post misreports this. Their headline says: “Illegal Immigrants Favor Democrats 54 to 19.” It’s Latino immigrants eligible to vote favor Democrats 54 to 11.

Illegals favor Democrats eight to one. But again, we had a brilliant caller who asked the question: “Where did Pew find the illegals to take the poll?” The illegals, we are told, are living in the shadows — and we are furthermore told that the illegals will not come out of the shadows until they were promised a pathway to citizenship and/or amnesty. Yet the researchers for the Pew Research Center were able to find them.

They either found their cell phone numbers, their throwaway cell phone numbers, their land line phone numbers — or they were able to knock on the door where they live. We don’t know how this is possible. The Republican Party, the Democrat Party tells us that we have to do this to bring these people out of the shadows. Folks, I’m not trying to be funny here. Washington — forget Republican/Democrat — Washington is telling us we have to do amnesty to find out who these people are.

We have to do amnesty to find out how many there are. We think it’s 11 million, 12 million. We have to do this to find out who they are so that we know what we’re dealing with. We have to find out who they are and how many there are so that we can gauge whether or not border security is working, and we have to do this before we secure the border. That’s the latest from the Republican Party and the Gang of Eight.



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