House Leaders to Educate Voters About Immigration: ‘Become America’


I’d like it if they would educate illegals, and the people who hire them, to obey the law.
Check it out:

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) will lead a tour of House leaders next week aimed at educating Americans, and each other, about the history and importance of immigration to the United States. The tour, dubbed the “Become America” tour, will feature events and speeches aimed at overcoming opposition to the passage of comprehensive immigration reform, which has stumbled amidst opposition from conservatives.

“The lawmakers will attend events on Ellis Island and at the Museum of Jewish Heritage and the African Burial Ground National Monument, according to an itinerary of the trip,” Politico reported late Wednesday evening. “Leaders will speak at a naturalization ceremony, and the group will also have a breakfast meeting at Gracie Mansion with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a key advocate of immigration reform.”

In 2009, Cantor led a “listening tour” across the nation, bringing Republican leaders to meet with voters to discuss how the party could improve its policies and its political fortunes. The “Become America” tour, by contrast, will be less about listening to voters and more about educating them, since Republican leaders are convinced that the “nativist” faction within their party is the reason they cannot pass immigration reform.



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