Ho Chi Minh Loved the Founding Fathers?


Obama has zero clue what America is really about.
Check it out:

Did you hear what Obama said moments ago in the White House? He said, “Ho Chi Minh,” who was the butcher of North Vietnam, for you low-information voters. He was the enemy in North Vietnam. Obama said Ho Chi Minh was inspired by our Founding Fathers. He was just trying to be nice to the Vietnamese guy that was in the office. He was just trying to be nice.

Well, I know Obama does not believe that. I’m positive. Ho Chi Minh inspired by the Founding Fathers? Obama’s trying to reverse what the Founding Fathers did! Ho Chi Minh was, too. I mean, there’s no way. Ho Chi Minh inspired by the Founding Fathers? Obama can’t possibly really think that, and he certainly doesn’t mean it as a compliment.

He doesn’t like the Founding Fathers! The Founding Fathers were a bunch of rich white racists, to the American left. Come on, let’s be honest. That’s what they think. Maybe, Obama meant that Ho Chi Minh owned slaves, I don’t know, but he certainly was not complimenting them. You know, opposing our Founding Fathers, that’d be something to get you in tight with Obama.



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