GOP Establishment and ‘The New York Times’ Sitting In a Tree


Time for conservatives to take over!
Check it out:

It is hard to tell who is using who, but to see the GOP Establishment become so useful to the New York Times’ ongoing jihad against conservatives is more than a little troubling. Or maybe it is worse; maybe the New York Times is becoming useful to the GOP Establishment. Or maybe it is a full-blown nightmare realized and the two of them have climbed into bed together…?

Whatever the case may be, it is nauseating to witness. If the Karl Roves of the GOP want to wage war against their own, that is all part of the game. But to use, or allow yourself to be used by the New York Times in order to do it, is beyond the pale.

If the Justice League of America is arguing over something, Batman isn’t supposed to run crying to Lex Luthor.

But running to the Republican Party’s Lex Luthor is pretty much what it looks like when we have two major New York Times stories in just a few months that are obviously intended to intimidate the conservative wing of the GOP to bend to the will of Rove and company.



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