Gettysburg Historian: Where Was Mainstream Media Coverage?


This was the turning point in the war of northern aggression.
Check it out:

Historian Allen Guelzo, author of the New York Times bestselling book Gettysburg: The Last Invasion, rhetorically asked, “Where is the president? Where is the vice president? They aren’t here,” in an interview with Stephen K. Bannon on the Breitbart News live broadcast of Commemoration of Pickett’s charge on July 3.

During the three days of Gettysburg events, President Obama has been on a tour through Africa, traveling to Senegal, Tanzania, and South Africa.

Guelzo noted that it was mostly just ordinary people who showed up to the Gettysburg memorial, not just Americans but people from around the world who wanted to pay tribute to perhaps the most significant event and moment of sacrifice in our nation’s history. He also noted that the three-day commemoration of the event, July 1-3, was not covered by any of the major networks.

“Where is the Today Show? Where is Good Morning America?” said Guelzo.



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