Enforce Old Immigration Laws Before Any New Ones Are Passed


This would be a novel concept.
Check it out:

If our existing immigration laws are not being enforced, what on earth makes these “Gang of Eight” Republicans and the Republicans who support them believe “new” immigration “reform” will be enforced? How will we control the border moving forward given the Obama administration’s history of ignoring our current immigration law? There has already been legislation passed which compels that a fence be built, yet it hasn’t been built. People in this country illegally are supposed to be deported when they commit crime, yet they aren’t. They’re not supposed to be here, but here they are.

It begs a very important set of questions: Is it that John Boehner, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Karl Rove, anyone named Bush, Jon Kyl, this Corker-Hoeven hybrid and the others really believe this bill will do anything but give Amnesty to somewhere between 11 and 30 million illegal aliens? Or, is it that they are owned by the Corporatists who want the taxpayers to subsidize their workforce and keep all wages down and profits up? Or have they merely just bought into what the Democrats have been shoveling for years? Here is a new (old) concept: Follow the damn laws that are on the books now. I’m a genius. Thank-you

Think about it this way. We already PAID Senators and Congressmen years ago to do what they are saying needs to be done again. Why are the taxpayers having to pay a whole new group of freaking politicians (actually a whole lot of them are the same), to do a job that was supposed to have been done over and over? After all, the border between America and Mexico has not changed in almost 200 years – are you telling me and the American people that we – with all of our college educated representatives – can’t figure out border security in that amount of time? I’m not being facetious, this is the simple point: Secure the damn border, then let’s talk about reform, coming out of the shadows, a path to whatever – but secure that border so that our children don’t have to revisit this in another 25 years with another 20, 30 or 100 million illegal aliens, all ready to vote for Democrats.



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