Egyptians Take to Streets to Protest What They Did Three Years Ago


Obama would probably have everyone arrested if they all showed up at the White House.
Check it out:

You know what’s going on over in Egypt is just stunning. Seventeen million people are protesting what they did. How many years ago was it they installed the Muslim Brotherhood? Was it this last year, two years ago? I forgot. It seems like it was last year, but, my gosh, time is flying by. The Arab Spring, whatever it was, 17 million Egyptians. I mean, it is huge, folks. At Breitbart media… You’ve gotta love this. It was 2010, three years ago, the Arab Spring.

The same people who went to the streets to demand change are now in the streets demanding to get rid of what they demand in the first place. The story on this: “As huge protests against the Muslim Brotherhood-backed government in Egypt have gone on for several days, the crowds have now swelled to an estimated 17,000,000. That’s ‘Seventeen Million’, for those of you in Rio Linda.”

It says that right here in the Breitbart story. So “for those of you in Rio Linda” is now part of the official lexicon on the right. It was the spring of 2010 when it all took place in Egypt, and before it’s all said and done, we’re gonna learn that the CIA started the whole thing and got it going and it was a giant destabilizing operation. You wait; that’s what we’ll hear. I just finished reading a novel all about that, so that’s how I know it’s true.



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