Don’t Buy the Inevitability of Mrs. Clinton


Seems that the one who is ahead this far out never gets the nomination.
Check it out:

Certain elements of the Democrat Party and the media think that Hillary Clinton is the smartest woman in the world. They now think she is dramatically owed. She is owed. I’ve been through this. She’s owed for helping sustain Clinton’s career. She’s owed for giving up her own life and moving to Arkansas. She is owed for tolerating the bimbo eruptions and staying with Clinton, which enabled his career to continue.

She’s a pathetic figure in that sense. She’s looked at as the nominee because they owe it to her. Well, you’re right. That’s what we do. “Bob Dole? Your turn. Mitt Romney? Your turn. You didn’t get it 2008 ’cause McCain and Huckabee played some games, so it’s your turn.” We, on the Republican side, do that. I think the contest in 2016 on the Democrat side is gonna be between Rahm Emanuel and Andrew Cuomo — and Chris Christie.

Hillary goes to the White House and says to Obama, “Okay, pal. Look, I’ve taken every bullet for you. Benghazi, you name it. You gotta screw up your last two years so that I have a chance,” and Obama says (impression), “You know what? You’re exactly right”? It just doesn’t happen. I’m sorry. I don’t see it. I think there’s a lot of fear about Hillary in the Republican side.

That’s why I think that everybody thinks that she’s a lock. She was a lock in 2008, and the first chance the Democrats had to throw her overboard, they took it. And for what? Somebody inexperienced, who had no track record, nothing. He wasn’t owed anything. All he’d done is give a speech at the ’04 Democrat convention. That was it. They threw her overboard! I remember taking up her cause in Operation Chaos. I was the one making the case of how mean the Democrats been to her and how they mistreated her.

“All that she’s done for them, and they throw her overboard for a guy!” I said, “So much for feminism.”



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