Don’t Bring A Bat To A Gun Store: Man’s Robbery Attempt Fails Miserably


Liberals are so dumb.
Check it out:

An Oregon man learned the hard way yesterday that a bat is probably not the best tool for robbing a gun store.

22-year-old Derrick Mosley reportedly attempted to rob Discount Gun Sales in Beaverton, Ore., on Thursday. Wielding a baseball bat, Mosley strolled into the store and smashed a display case.

But, according to police, upon attempting to steal a gun from the smashed case, he learned that gun beats bat.

All the store manager… of a gun store… had to do was pull out his own personal firearm. And that he did. Pointing it straight at Mosley, the manager successfully ordered the would-be robber to drop the bat, the unloaded gun he was trying to steal, and a nine-inch knife in his possession.



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