DOJ Refuses to Prosecute Improper Scrutiny of Campaigns, Donors by IRS

IRS Political Groups

Obama won’t let his intimidation method get ruined.
Check it out:

Confidential tax records of certain political candidates and campaign donors were “improperly scrutized” according to the Treasury Department. The Department of Justice has refused to prosecute the cases.

J. Russell George, the Treasury Department’s inspector general, privately told Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) that his investigators are “probing” two allegations that the IRS “targeted for audit candidates for public office.”

George told Grassley that:

a review turned up four cases since 2006 in which unidentified government officials took part in “unauthorized access or disclosure of tax records of political donors or candidates,” including one case he described as “willful.”

Grassley has asked the DOJ why they have declined to prosecute the cases. The investigation did not reveal the names or political parties whose tax records were affected, as tax records are supposed to be confidential.



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