Did Zimmerman Cause Crash to Rescue Family?


Liberals really are going out on a limb with this one. They always seem to be able to surprise with their constant ridiculous statements.
Check it out:

Twitter has now lit up with suggestions that Zimmerman was personally responsible for causing the crash, with tweets including:

“What they didn’t tell you is, Zimmerman was following the car and caused the crash.”

“Zimmerman probably shot the tires out & cause the truck to flip over.”

“All the sudden Zimmerman wanna act like he Superman or some sh–. I bet he cause the accident in the first place.”

Even as the original conspiracy theories began showing up, conservatives on Twitter proffered their own narrative, using the hashtag #MSNBCTonight to predict how that network would further the “Zimmerman caused” the accident theory during prime time.

“Chris Matthew details how Zimmerman always wanted to be Mad Max and actually caused the wreck,” wrote Bob Thompson.



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