Dems Duped Marco Rubio into Destroying His Presidential Hopes


I don’t think liberals are this smart, but Rubio certainly fell for something.
Check it out:

Okay, well, let’s play this out. So the left decides that they’re worried about Rubio — by the way, again, if this theory, just the fact that it exists, I want you to realize, look at the power, look at the brilliance that we automatically assign to people on the left. So they saw Rubio. They saw a threat. They saw a guy who might be able to beat them for the White House. So then they said, “We gotta destroy this guy.” “Okay, how are we gonna destroy this guy?” Well, he’s Hispanic, and we know he’s gonna want to look good with other Hispanics. So maybe we can co-opt this guy, make him go along with us on amnesty, and then we’ll make him the face of it and we’ll see to it that it gets passed. We’ll praise him to the hilt, and then the Republicans will nominate him but he will lose because the Republican base will be so disappointed in Rubio for supporting amnesty that he won’t get a lot of turnout, and we will win the presidency again.

So for this to happen, you realize for this to happen, Rubio has to be duped, because Rubio has been conned into doing something guaranteed to defeat him for the presidency. The Republican Party has to be duped, or stupid, or whatever to go along with it to allow it to happen. So there are powerful forces, you believe, that identified Marco Rubio as a potential threat to liberalism and the Democrat Party, and they had to take him out. And they devised a plan using amnesty to do it, and everybody went along with it, including Rubio. Everybody went along with this scheme that results in his defeat, including him. That’s an amazingly powerful bunch of people.



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