Democrats Step Up Criticism of IRS Probe


It’s funny that they are critical when the IRS admits wrongdoing.
Check it out:

The controversy over Internal Revenue Service targeting of politically active groups continues to deepen.

In the latest twist, congressional Democrats are stepping up their charge that the investigation so far has focused too much on conservative groups and ignored targeting of liberal and progressive groups.

Democrats, in a letter to Republicans, point to new evidence that progressive groups were being scrutinized. That includes a PowerPoint presentation from the Cincinnati office where the review occurred, and a newly discovered watch list. The new evidence suggests IRS workers in Cincinnati were actively scrutinizing liberal groups as well as conservative ones. The Cincinnati office reviews all applications for tax-exempt status.

The letter also cites newly uncovered evidence that the IRS targeting of tea party and other conservative groups for lengthy and heavy-handed review was not motivated by political bias in the Cincinnati office.



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