CNN: The Embodiment of Low Information


So many people have no clue. And the horrible thing is they get to vote.
Check it out:

Well, was that an education last night or what? I need to know: Ladies and gentlemen, is it still permissible to speak English in this country without being accused of racism? Is it possible to speak English without being told you’re making fun of people? Ho-lee! The embodiment of low information. I mean, it was on display all over cable news last night, no matter where you went.

And, of course, we’re here to synthesize it for you, synthesize it down to the bare elements, the bare essentials. It’s great to have you with us. Okay, so the juror, B37, spoke on CNN. The lovely and gracious Rachel Jeantel appeared on CNN with Piers Morgan, and she said something last night. I fully expected to show up here at 12 noon being the last guy in on it. I mean, she said something last night that I thought would have been the number one thing people focused on in her interview last night.

I thought by the time this show started, the discussion on that would have been maxed out. And it turns out that nobody’s talking about it. It turns out, ladies and gentlemen, that it’s once again left to me, El Rushbo, to take you there. The left has a real challenge on their hands here, if this gets… (sigh) If this happens to escape the boundaries of the Piers Morgan show last night — which I fully intend for that to happen here in just in a minute — the left is gonna have a decision to make.

So we’ll get there in due course. We have one sound bite from juror B37, and that will take us to Rachel Jeantel, who appeared last night with Piers Morgan. So what happens here: On Piers Morgan Live, he interviews Trayvon Martin’s friend Rachel Jeantel and during the interview Piers Morgan, he played a clip from Anderson Cooper’s interview earlier of juror B37 reacting to Jeantel’s testimony.



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