Capitulation Leads to Victory? Thinking Like This is Why We Lose!


We need to get back to conservative thinking.
Check it out:

I finally said, “To hell with this discretionary versus nondiscretionary spending stuff.” I wanted to find out exactly, because this is what’s being said in Washington, “Well, so much of that is built in that we can’t get rid of that spending in Obamacare, it’s not discretionary spending.” And I asked myself, “Well, then why is anybody even talking about it? If we can’t defund, why is anybody talking about it?” There has to be a reason people are talking about it.

If it can’t be done nobody would be talking about repealing it, but people are. And we’ve gotten to a point here where capitulation is now strategic wisdom. Strategic wisdom and political victory, capitulation. “Let the Democrats have what they want, and the American people will see, Obamacare is gonna implode. So let it implode, and let the Democrats own it.” Okay, so we surrender before we even take a stand, was my point to the caller.

We’ve got an opportunity here to tell people who we are. There is a future in this country. There are additional elections. Hopefully we want to win ’em, and we want to win ’em not by hoping the Democrats end up in disfavor with the American people. Why do we have to sit around and wait for that to happen, when there isn’t much evidence that it does happen? The Democrats don’t end up in disfavor; we do. And why? Because there’s a bunch of lies about us, and we never counter them. We get afraid of the lies, and then we start trying to change our behavior to prove that we’re being lied about. It never works.

So the strategery now is capitulate, and that’s wisdom, and that’s how we win. We let them have it. We let them own it and it’ll implode and the American people will see, and then we win big. I don’t like that way of winning. We just hope and pray that the people get fed up with Democrats and turn to us ’cause there isn’t anybody else? Why don’t we go out and make the case for ourselves? Well, look, I know why we don’t because the Republican Party doesn’t want to be conservative. And that’s why it doesn’t, and that’s why it’s not contrasting itself with the Democrats. They want to trade their base in.



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