Can You Opt Out of Your Union Dues?


Some good info here to keep your money out of liberals hands.
Check it out:

I joined the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1245 as a high school student in New Jersey. Having to pay union dues in high school surprised me. But I was working to save money for college and did not investigate further. I did not know that I didn’t have to give the union that much money.

Workers at unionized companies have the right to opt out of some or all union dues. The Supreme Court ruled in Communication Workers of America vs. Beck (1988) that unions cannot force workers to fund their political activities. I could have kept that portion of these dues.

Employees in right-to-work states can forgo all union dues. Workers with religious objections to their unions’ activities—such as the American Federation of Teachers’ support for abortion—can send their dues to a charity instead. The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation provides a quick and easy overview of workers’ rights on its website.

Many workers do not know these rights. I certainly didn’t, especially as a teenager. Many also do not know that alternative professional organizations provide many of the same services as unions (such as professional development and liability insurance) at a lower cost.



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