Caller Wants Sarah to Lead Conservatives


Making the Republican party a conservative party will be a million times easier than starting a whole new party that is doomed to fail.
Check it out:

RUSH: You know what that is? That would be taking over the Republican Party —

CALLER: That’s what I was just kind of saying.

RUSH: — which is what has to happen.

CALLER: That’s what I was saying initially. In other words, you really got Washington, the establishment, against the American people. The current Republican establishment is tied at the hip with the Democrats. So basically you’ve got a new second party, really forming around what Sarah Palin is saying, and she could be the titular leader. She’s the head of it.

RUSH: So you’re excited about Sarah Palin maybe providing the impetus and the leadership at least titular for a new Republican Party?

CALLER: I think she’s the most prominent one. I keep saying if she gets out there, like when she was on the Greta show the other day talking about it… If she can get out there, I think… I mean, obviously she provokes a lot of emotion in people pro and con, but if she can get out there and get her message across, I think they’re afraid of her in Washington.

RUSH: I don’t doubt that.

CALLER: Republicans and Democrats are afraid of her and what’s got a new —

RUSH: They’re not gonna cede — c-e-d-e — anything to her, or to anybody else, for that matter.



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