Breakthough! Can Down Syndrome be turned off?


It would be great to take away this from liberals as they use this to justify the murder of babies in the womb.
Check it out:

Scientists believe they may have found a way to “cancel” out the gene pattern that causes Down Syndrome, through a strategy to insert one gene and use it to change the extra chromosome (No. 21) that causes the condition.

Jeanne Lawrence, a University of Massachusetts medical school researcher, authored a study that designed a way to mimic the natural process that cancels one of the two X chromosomes carried by mothers.

These two X chromosomes hold a gene she calls XIST (the X-inactivation gene), that produces RNA that attaches to the chromosome and covers it, thereby blocking other genes from originating.

Researchers believe this finding could not only eliminate the advancement of Down Syndrome during gestation, but they also believe it might lead to treatments for those who already have Down Syndrome, who have higher incidents of dementia earlier in life, and other health and development issues.



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