Black Leadership Not Solving Problems


Today it is reverse racism that is the major problem our society faces.
Check it out:

Bill O’Reilly delivered an impassioned Talking Points Memo on tonight’s Factor. He tackled the race problem facing America and the lack of leadership by the president to solve those issues. In part, he blamed the disintegration of the family, the entertainment industry and drug dealers.

O’Reilly sent this powerful message: “You want a better situation for blacks? Give them a chance to revive their neighborhoods and culture. Work with the good people to stop the bad people. […] You can’t legislate good parenting or responsible entertainment. But you can fight against the madness with discipline, a firm message and little tolerance for excuse making. It is now time for the African American leadership, including President Obama, to stop the nonsense. Walk away from the world of victimization and grievance and lead the way out of this mess.”



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