Black Conservative: Where’s the Outrage?


They are so outnumbered by the liberals.
Check it out:

CALLER: I know it’s unacceptable, but if you keep saying or keep doing the same thing, it’s just like a lie. If you keep telling somebody a lie, eventually they’ll believe it. And that’s the same thing that’s going on in the African-American community. It’s so much murder, so much killing, so much disease. I mean, it’s just ridiculous. Yet, this is normal. So when people try and get out of it situation like I did… I’m a college graduate. I got a good job. I live in a nice community, my kids are good kids, good grades. But African-Americans, to them, I’m a sell out. I’m a Uncle Tom. I mean, I can’t be positive to a lot of them because that’s what they see me as. But if I was a rapper?

RUSH: You know, I don’t understand it, either, and it’s really frustrating. I have some black conservative friends and they get the same treatment, and it is really maddening. But, you know, I was thinking about it. There’s a lot of white-on-white crime, too. It makes… (sigh) Uh, how to say it? I get mad at all of it. There’s no white-on-white crime that I say, “Well, you know, it’s two white guys. I don’t care. Fine.”

That’s never my reaction. I don’t know anybody with an attitude like that, unless it happens in a prison. But, I mean, in the normal course of events, it angers everybody all the time, particularly if it needn’t have happened, if it could have been stopped or what have you. But at no time does anybody look at it and say, “Oh, well it’s just the way it is,” or what have you.” You’ve asked such a great question that nothing can answer, I don’t think.



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