At What Price Unity?

The recent backlash over the Zimmerman case made me reflect on the topic of unity. That is, shouldn’t our unity be that we are Americans? The fact that unity is determined by anything other than that divides America. And the fact that unity is determined by skin color is in fact, by definition, racism. It should also be noted that that goes against what Martin Luther King said about judging a person by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. And that’s correct, we shouldn’t care about skin color, but rather about character. In fact, unity behind skin color is used as a smoke screen to not focus in on the bad character statistics that come out of the black community at large. In fact, shouldn’t good character blacks be uniting with good character whites in condemning bad character people?

In that sense, it would do this nation great good if it would drop any mention of race and JUST focus on character. And another step in that direction would be to stop saying “Afro-American”. Otherwise, should I call myself an Italian-American? But that wouldn’t even be accurate because I would have to call myself a 75% Italian-1/8 Irish-1/8 Yugoslavian American. See how ridiculous this becomes? And even the head of the NAACP is visibly not 100% African.

That all lead me to focus on the forms of unity that are being used against this nation.

Have you ever thought about unity? That is, what unites us as human beings? And God’s purpose in creating us was for unity. But it was for unity within the holy, perfect, harmonious, loving ways that He designed us to operate in.

So then, do the unity bonds that people make or join in with in their life have the highest respect for God and His ways?

First let’s recognize that no one and nothing on Earth is perfect … except God and His Kingdom. Therefore, that should be our first order of unity that supercedes all other unities. And the way we do that is (like Jesus said) “in Spirit and in Truth.”  That is, God’s Spirit is inside of us. Therefore, being in sync with that is a perfect bond source of unity. It also puts us in perfect harmony with our own being. And the Truth is found in the Bible (which I’ve proven to be true at

So now the questions are: where do we find unity, and how much compromise with God’s ways do we allow ourselves to sacrifice for the sake of unity in the world?

Here are some places that people find unity:

The Bible
Various Christian denominations
Other religions
Political parties
The predominant American culture
Spiritual leaders and movements
Sports teams
Schools and Alumni associations
TV shows
Music styles and artists

My conclusion in life is: only cling to and promote perfection. And if involved in other human groupings, never sacrifice perfection. Just try to shed it into each group. And being that the highest unity is with perfection, it would serve us well to do what the first and longest part of this nation’s history subscribed to, and not let the country be tricked out of it again: (As expressed in an official opinion by Supreme Court Justice David Brewer and unanimously backed by the Court) “These, and many other matters which might be noticed, add a volume of unofficial declarations to the mass of organic utterances that this is a Christian nation.” 143 U.S. 457 (1892)

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