As Talks Stumble, Obama Considers Quitting Afghanistan Early


With Obama in charge we just need to pull out immediately before more of our troops are killed.
Check it out:

As talks with the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan continue their rocky start, President Barack Obama is considering an early, and complete, withdrawal of U.S. forces, the New York Times reports. The so-called “zero option” is one that Obama has exercised before, in Iraq, where the U.S. withdrew all troops–contrary to an explicit campaign promise–rather than negotiate in earnest with the Iraqi government.

An early and total withdrawal would amount to a surrender to the Taliban, who have advanced despite the “surge” Obama launched in 2009–with a smaller-than-requested force and a timetable for withdrawal–and despite Obama’s campaign promises to focus on the Afghanistan war. Once Osama bin Laden was killed–an operation largely independent of the surge–the president lost interest in securing gains in the country.

As in Iraq, Obama may be using the difficulty of negotiations–partly self-inflicted–as a convenient pretext to implement a policy that he himself prefers, and for which anti-war groups have been clamoring for years: complete withdrawal, without even a residual force to protect the government of Afghanistan or to respond to terror threats on the ground as they arise. He will give the Taliban what they want even without talks.



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