Angry White Trayvon Demonstrators Demand Fellow Whites ‘Give Money’


Here are more racists talking about racism.
Check it out:

Many of the “Justice for Trayvon” protests nationwide have involved white radicals purporting to speak on behalf of the black community, or angrily denouncing the “white privilege” that supposedly played a role in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Feb. 2012, for which George Zimmerman was acquitted on Saturday.

At a rally in Portland, Oregon on Sunday, captured on YouTube at the “Laughing at Liberals” channel, one speaker addressed her remarks to fellow white Americans:

Hi, I’m Tammy, and I want to say something to you white people. It is not enough to feel bad. [Cheers] It is not enough to not be a bigot. Because if you’re not actively dismantling white supremacy, and checking your privilege every single day [cheers], and thinking about racism the way that our young black men in our community have to think about it, you’re not doing it right, OK?



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