10 ObamaCare fumbles


And here I always thought ObamaCare was just one big fumble.
Check it out:

This week’s stunning delay in the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) employer mandate was hardly the first time that ObamaCare’s implementation effort has stumbled, as the president’s signature domestic policy initiative has suffered several self-inflicted wounds on the path toward full implementation.

Democrats say the law will work well once it’s fully implemented, and President Obama has acknowledged that there will be more “glitches and bumps” as key provisions start to take effect.

While many of the administration’s challenges stem from entrenched Republican opposition to anything that would help the law function better, plenty of the bumps in the road so far have also arisen from the law itself.

As officials work to implement the law’s biggest provisions, which also happen to be the policies that provide the clearest and most direct benefits to consumers, here is a recap of some of ObamaCare’s biggest stumbles so far.



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