Your Phone Calls are Making an Impact on Capitol Hill — It’s Not Too Late to Halt Obama’s Agenda


We each need to do everything possible to get the word out.
Check it out:

Okay, folks, let me ask you: What area of disintegration of the United States do you want me to start with here today? You want me to start with the IRS scandal? You want me to start with immigration reform? You want me to start with Obama’s green initiative, which will be the final nail in the coffin of the US economy? You want me to start with the Supreme Court decisions today?

What do you want to start with?

I’ll give you some polling data to start with, and then I’ll get to the court stuff. I’d actually rather start with some polling information data. Story from The Daily Caller: “Immigration Reform Critics Flood Senate with Phone Calls.” You are overwhelming them and it is working, apparently. “Critics of the Democrat-led immigration rewrite are bombarding Senate orifices with thousands of phone calls. Advocates say that those calls are keeping numerous wayward Republican senators from joining the Democrats’ immigration bill.”

And, by the way, in a “closed-door meeting” today, John Boehner told the Republicans that the House will not bring up the Senate immigration bill. That’s in a closed-door meeting today. A National Review reporter tweeted this out that Boehner has told House Republicans the House will not bring up the Senate amnesty bill. And one of the reasons why, no question about it, is your phone calls. Now, it’s funny… Well, it’s not funny, but it’s interesting how the State-Controlled Media is not reporting this. It’s almost as if they don’t want us to know that it’s going on.



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