Another prosecution witness that has turned into a star witness for the defense? At this rate all the defense is going to have to do is say thank you to the jury.
Check it out:

A resident of the Florida community where George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin last year after a confrontation took the stand Friday and described going out to investigate a noise and seeing one person straddling another with and throwing punches thrown down “MMA-style” the person on the ground.

John Good said he was watching TV with his wife when they heard a noise and he went out to investigate, despite his wife warning him not to. At first, he thought a dog might be attacking someone, but as he moved closer, he said he observed what looked like “a tussle” between two people.

“It looked like a tussle,” Good said. “I could only see one person. At one point, I yelled out, ‘What’s going on? Stop it,’ I believe,” Good said.

Under questioning by Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda, Good said one of the combatants was straddling a man lying face up on the pavement, and throwing punches. The testimony appeared to corroborate Zimmerman’s claims that he shot the 17-year-old African-American with a legally registered gun in self defense, as he was being pummeled.

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