Will Becoming the Face of the Gang of Eight Sink Marco Rubio?


Rubio has fallen for the old liberal trick of compromise.
Check it out:

The Democrats are making sure that Republican voters are gonna stay home, and the way they’re doing it is incorporating conservative Republican leaders into their legislation, putting them face forward — he didn’t say this, but I know what he means. The Democrats have put Rubio out there as the face of Gang of Eight. Now, Rubio — and I can tell you this. You know it as well as I do. Marco Rubio, to a lot of Republicans, is the great hope. Presidential politics, Marco Rubio ranks high on many people’s lists. And, I can tell you, folks, there are a lot of Republicans who are hoping, they’re willing to give Senator Rubio a pass on this to a certain extent because he’s so good at articulating conservatism.

I mean, his campaign against Crist, when Rubio rose to national prominence, it was precisely because he was Reaganesque, precisely. And there are a lot of people who are willing to give him a pass. In this sense, they are saying, “Gee, I hope this doesn’t ruin him.” They’re hoping he backs out of it. They’re hoping that at the last minute he’ll just withdraw from this so as not to be tainted by it. Because the fact of the matter is there will be significant Republican outrage if this thing passes and it’s made possible by significant Republican participation.

And then his second point is this is suppressing Republican turnout without having to run a negative ad once. By making Rubio, Rand Paul, or whoever else the face of the bill, they are successfully assassinating Republican political leaders without having to run a negative ad, by making them the face of what the Democrats want and by making it look like the Republicans are facilitating Democrat objectives.



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