Will America as Founded Survive the Obama Regime?


The liberal mindset seems to have taken over in America as people realize they can vote for more entitlements.
Check it out:

There’s another story about this representing the demise of the regime, and it’s from the UK Telegraph. You’ll not see stories like this in the US media. Now, you’ll see ’em lately dance around this, but you won’t see this. This is by Damian Thompson. Headline: “Edward Snowden has Blown the Whistle on this Presidency. You Have to Wonder: Will Obama See Out His Full Term?” UK Telegraph. Now, the UK Telegraph doesn’t understand what it is that’s propping Obama up. They don’t understand what it is that’s excusing Obama from any accountability.

Folks, if there were any other president, any other, I don’t care what party, who had been in charge for five years and with the economy alone what it has been, they’d be history. The guy would be reviled. There wouldn’t be any effort by anybody to allow the guy to scapegoat himself. It would not happen. There are two reasons why this does happen, and the racial component is one that cannot be denied. So this UK Telegraph headline, “You Have to Wonder: Will Obama See Out His Full Term?” That’s not the question. The question is: Will America last through Obama’s full term? That’s the question, to me.

Will the country survive the implementation of Obamacare? Will the country survive all this spying and all this data collecting? Will the country survive amnesty, will the country survive every plan this man’s got? That’s the question. The question is not will he serve out his second term ’cause that’s a no-brainer. Yet the UK Telegraph, ’cause they live in the real world and think, my gosh, the population of any country learning this about their president, they’d be livid. Not here. Not here! The racial component alone is not gonna permit it. It’s not gonna allow it. That coupled with the basic ignorance of the low-information voter.

And, by the way, there are a lot of intelligent low-information voters. There are a lot of low-information voters that don’t watch TMZ. These are people that don’t care to get involved in this, it just makes them nervous. They’re not all ignoramuses. Some of them are, but not all.



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