Why People Think Democrats Care


It comes down to their lies being believed. Their liberal utopia where everything does the right thing just isn’t how the world works.
Check it out:

We’ve all had someone in our lives, all of us conservatives, who helped us to learn why we think what we know so that we can then explain it to people. Conservatism, I say, is an applied intellectual pursuit. What I mean by that is in explaining it to others and articulating it and implementing it. Liberalism? It’s the most gutless choice you can make. You don’t have to do anything.

Just “feel” and tell people how bad you feel for other people, and you’re automatically a kind, big-hearted, compassionate person. But you’re not doing anything, except making yourself feel good in the face of misery. You’re not solving the misery. You’re not even tackling it. And then you make yourself feel really good by pointing to people that you think don’t care and criticizing them.

You know, fixing poverty is not gonna be done with feelings. Fixing poverty is gonna require specific policies — and we’ve shown, after 30 years of feeling bad about it and transferring money, that we haven’t fixed it. We’ve shown that the Democrat Party way of fixing it doesn’t work. That may be, I think, the best thing you can do these people. You say, “You know, for 30 years we’ve been giving them welfare.

“We have, for 35 to 40 years, been giving them welfare, and they’re still poor.” They’ll come back at you with, “I don’t care! I don’t care! The Republicans just don’t care.” It’s all about feelings with these people, and that’s tough. Those are tough things to permeate. Anyway, I have to take a break here, Elia, and I want you to hang on, because Mr. Snerdley is going to get your shipping information. You just tell him whether you want an iPad or an iPad Mini and what color you want, and we will handle the rest.



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