Who Owns the Content of Your Phone Calls?


If this is even possible you know that Obama will use and abuse it.
Check it out:

There’s a big argument that has ensued over this that’s kind of constitutionally fascinating. And the people that are not bothered at all by what the NSA’s doing, it’s just common, this is part of intel, and you have nothing to fear. All three branches signed off on this. It’s entirely lawful. It’s entirely constitutional, and, guess what? You don’t own your phone calls. They’re not yours. You don’t own your phone number. It isn’t yours. It’s the phone company’s. The record of your phone call is not yours to give. It’s the phone company’s. You don’t own it. It isn’t yours. So you run around thinking your calls here are private. They’re not yours. So goes the theory. The information belongs to the phone company. It doesn’t belong to you.

The content of the call belongs to the phone company, and now the government. You don’t own it. You don’t own the phone company. The content exists only because the phone company made their phone lines available for you to rent. You don’t own them. I’m telling you how these people are looking at it now. The information belongs to the phone company, not you. Well, your house doesn’t belong to you until you’ve paid it off. You might think you own it, but you don’t until you’ve paid off the mortgage. The bank does.

The phone company owns the audio. You don’t. You are renting. You are leasing. In fact, most people don’t even own their phones. They’re subsidized by their contract with the cell provider. There is a law that if you are going to play on the air recorded phone calls, you have to get the permission of the people on the call before you can. That’s an FCC rule. Now, let me go further with this business that the information doesn’t belong to you. The content of your phone calls, your texts, your video chats, doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to the phone company and therefore it’s entirely up to the phone company whether or not they want to give it up to the government.



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