What Happened in the Last 24 Hours to Cause This Full-Court Press on Border Security?


Things are changing all the time.
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I don’t want anybody to get confused. I did not concede legalization is inevitable. I was asking a caller a question. I am not conceding that legalization is inevitable. And I want to throw something else out at you as a possibility, folks. I’m not all that convinced yet, despite how it looks, that this bill is a slam dunk victory in the Senate. I know how the Democrats operate. I know that they are smoke and mirrors. I know how they market. They talk about wanting 70 votes in the Senate on this. If they’re talking about it, it means they don’t have them. If they’re saying we’re gonna get, we want 70 votes, they don’t have them yet.

The Democrats are in the business of creating illusions. They’re in the business — and the media, too — of making you feel like all is lost. It’s part of the campaign to get what they want, to beat down any resistance, to make it seem like it’s fruitless to stop them or to oppose them, because you can’t. And so the conventional wisdom is that this thing will sail through the Senate, that’s it, it’s all in the House now. And I’m not convinced of that. Until they take the vote. One thing that’s not being reported about this whole immigration thing is the degree to which it’s opposed by the people in this country. You’re not seeing that anywhere.

You know, Senator Cruz was on the program yesterday, and he said, “Call your senator, call him, call your representative.” I said, “Does that still work in 2012?” “Damn well does,” he said. You try calling. You can’t get through. They got their phones off the hook, folks, because you are inundating them, you are overwhelming them. But that’s not being reported. As far as you know, there isn’t any opposition. You’re it. You’re a lone wolf, you and your buddies. This is by design. The mainstream media exists for many reasons, and among them is to dispirit you and to make you think that what you want is impossible and will never happen.

There’s a reason Harry Reid wants to speed this thing up. And again, I think Senator Cruz was right yesterday, he said, “I think they’re in trouble.” There’s a reason all these amendments are being offered. They don’t have the votes yet. They are trying to sweep up votes. They are Hoovering votes. They are coming up with amendments to get Republicans that are on the fence. But there are some Democrats that have to run for reelection 2014, and they know what their constituents are thinking about this. So it’s hard every day. It’s hard not to get caught up in the inertia that is created each day around the Democratic Party agenda. Because that’s all the news is anymore, folks.



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