What Good is “Both Sides of the Story” When One Side Lies?


We should treat liberals like terrorists and not negotiate with them.
Check it out:

Obama hasn’t fired anybody for what they did in any of these scandals. You might be saying Lois Lerner. No, she’s still working, just from home. Nobody’s been punished for what they did. If you don’t like the fact that liberals lie more than conservatives do, put it this way.

They’re wrong.

They may believe everything they believe. They’re dead wrong. It’s been demonstrably proven in so many things. Economically, culturally, they are wrong. But the fact remains in all of this stuff, you’ll get… What did Jesse say? He said he voted for Bush 2004 until he heard that Republicans were suppressing the black vote. This is why the Democrats lie. They have to lie to keep people on their reservation. Here’s an African-American who liked Bush, and he gave us the reasons.

He liked No Child Left Behind. He liked some of the Bush stimulus. He liked Bush’s tax cuts. But then he heard somebody say that the Republicans are suppressing the black vote. Now, the fact of the matter is, blacks run the heavily black districts in every inner city in this country. There is no way… Blacks run every district in Detroit. They run every district for the most part in New York. There are exceptions there, but whether they’re black or not, they’re ultraleftists.

There’s no way that the Republican Party can suppress the black vote in demonstrably black districts. It isn’t physically possible. How are they gonna do it? Are they gonna go in there in these districts that are run by blacks and somehow sabotage the buses? No, it’s the Democrats that did that in Milwaukee by slashing the tires. How are these Republicans suppressing the black vote? There’s no evidence for it. It’s just a lie that the Democrats tell that sticks because of other lies they’ve told before that.

The big lie is that Republicans are racists. So African-Americans hear this for 50 years, and then the Democrats come out — Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, whoever — and starts talking about Republicans suppressing the black vote? “Oh, yeah? Well, I’ll show you! I voted for Bush but no more.” That’s how they do it. How do Republicans suppress the black vote? How are the Republicans stopping abortions? There aren’t any abortion clinics being shut down other than these murder factories that you can count on one hand, Kermit Gosnell and the like.

People are believing myths.

They’re easy to believe because they’ve been told for 50 years.



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