We’ve Been Played on Immigration


For sure. This is a complete failure.
Check it out:

We go to immigration. In a remarkable turn of events, all eight Gang of Eight members voted to table the Grassley amendment, to have control of the border for six months before the amnesty kicks in. And, by the way, don’t call it amnesty. It isn’t amnesty. That’s the latest claim from the powers that be. The Grassley amendment to the Gang of Eight bill simply said we would gain control of the border for six months before any other aspect of the bill — which is exactly what we were told was supported from the get-go. That’s exactly what we were told the condition was: Border security first, or nothing. Now of course that’s out the window. So is the Grassley amendment out the window with control of the border for six months.

And again, this despite the sponsors having — I don’t know. I thought I was promised. I thought we were all promised that enforcement would be the key here. I also thought there would be an open amendment process. There’s polling data that shows the American people want enforcement first by a 4-to-1 margin. But none of this makes any sense. Try as I have, I can’t understand how it makes any sense. I don’t understand how the Republicans do not understand what they’re doing to themselves with this. I do not understand how it is they do not see what’s happening. I don’t understand how they don’t get what the Democrats are doing, how the Democrats are playing them. I don’t get it.

We’ve talked about this. The Hispanic vote was not even 8% of the electorate. There was a poll out — I mentioned this to you some weeks ago — if Romney had got 70% of the Hispanic vote — and no Republican ever has the — he still would not have won. The Republicans got 37% of the Hispanic vote back in 1984. Then in 1986, they did amnesty. Then they got 30%. They lost 7% of the Hispanic vote after amnesty in 1988 election when George H. W. Bush ran. The polling data is clear: 70% of the Hispanic voters are gonna vote Democrat no matter what. You bring 11 to 12 million new people out of the shadows, and they’re — I don’t know what I’m missing. On the surface, what it appears is — and I can’t believe this. It appears that the Republicans really do fear what the Democrats tell them, that the Hispanics hate you, the Hispanics don’t like you, the Hispanics are never gonna vote for you unless you change your opinion on immigration.



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