We Know Washington Doesn’t Want to Stop Illegal Immigration


It’s never been about stopping illegals and securing the border.
Check it out:

We don’t trust them! They don’t want to secure the border. The 1986 law was to ensure that we never ended up where we are. They promised us in 1986, “We do this, and this is the last time.” It doesn’t happen. The fence, 700 miles of fence, it’s the law; it must be built. Only 36 miles has been built. Two amendments offered to complete the fence, which is already the law, were defeated.

Now this Hoeven-Corker amendment says, Well, they don’t get a green card ’til we have these new border agents in place, and they don’t get a green card ’til the new exit visa technology’s in place. “In place” doesn’t mean anything. How’s it gonna be used? Is it going to be used? There just isn’t any evidence! You know, the minutia here of McCain, “Well, we got the 60 votes, 61. We got Big Business, we got the evangelicals, but we need to enlist their help in spreading the word.”

There’s no word to spread, because there isn’t any trust that undergirds the words.

It isn’t any more complicated than this.

Do you realize that if they want 46 million illegals, most people in this country would sign off on that if there were just a serious efforts to shut down the border and make it really the last time this happened? They don’t want to secure the border, and that’s why none of the rest of it matters to anybody and that’s why the details end up being ignored and that’s why the details end up being laughed at and it’s why certain people are losing respect because they aren’t trusted, and it’s a shame.

It’s not that we’re not smart enough to understand what’s going on. We know full well what’s going on. Republicans and Democrats both want open borders for their own political and financial reasons, and in order to get what they want, they’re going to have to somehow convince us that they mean to do something they have no intention of doing, and that is securing the border.



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