Wait Until The GOP Finds Out Illegals Don’t Want Amnesty


Some interesting inside info here.
Check it out:

Today I went out and was doing some ag’ work on some of the farms out here and got to talking to some of these guys, asking them about what they think about this. And they’re very, very concerned. A lot of them were telling me, “Well, we really don’t want to become United States citizens.” There’s two things that they brought up that really scared me.

RUSH: Nooooooow —

CALLER: They do not want to become United States citizens. I said, “Why not?” They’re afraid that the United States government is going to take so much taxes out of their paychecks once they have to pay into the federal income tax.

RUSH: Are you kidding me on this?

CALLER: I am dead serious. They do not want to become American citizens.

RUSH: Let me ask you a question. So we’re going to have amnesty here. You know what? These people are going to have to become citizens, right?

CALLER: No! They don’t have to march in and register. That’s never been proposed. They’re afraid that the government is going to take a lot of money in taxes.

RUSH: I take it back. Illegal immigration will continue at 75%.

CALLER: The money is going to be taken out of their paychecks, and they won’t have it to send home to their families.

RUSH: That’s right, a pathway! They’ll be put on a pathway, so it will be an option. They don’t have to become citizens. They can stay in the shadows, which is where I want to go. I’m looking for the shadows, by the way.

CALLER: That’s the first point that they brought up. The second point that was concerning them, though, is the scuttle talk… These guys were the guys from Mexico. I didn’t talk to the Hondurans, the El Salvadorans, the Bolivians, and the guys from down there in Guatemala. I didn’t even talk to those guys. These are guys are from Mexico.

The second thing that has really got them concerned is the talk back home. The guys back home in Mexico are getting ready to make a massive surge into our country. As this thing starts progressing and they’re watching it, they’re going to start making a massive surge. You think we’ve got 300 or 400 a day down here a day in Texas coming across? It will be three, four thousand a day.



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