The Sarah Murnaghan Case Previews Obamacare: Cronyism, Corruption and Political Bias Will Rule Health Care


And liberals made fun of Sarah Palin for talking about death panels. She looks like a prophet now!
Check it out:

Kathleen Sebelius was the death panel.

One person, Kathleen Sebelius, was gonna determine whether or not — and she said, “Some people live. Some people die.” Who else said it? It was some member of Congress at some congressional hearing on something. It was Elijah Cummings. I forget what he was talking about. I forget what the hearing was about. But he said (paraphrasing), “In life, there is death, and in death there is life.” Benghazi. “Death is a part of life,” right. Well, that’s what Kathleen Sebelius was saying, all the while the regime is denying, of course, that there were death panels and that Obamacare was not gonna be doing this, and everybody knew that it was.

Well, I ran across last night a post at a blog that I read called, and I printed it out, and unfortunately the name of the writer did not print, and I don’t remember it. But Koko will find it, and we’ll link to it at The title of the post is, “The Real Danger of Liberal Bias.” Now, this prints out to four pages. I’m not gonna read the whole thing. I’m gonna try to summarize it for you here.

The author starts by saying, “I’m going to tell you what media bias is really all about. It’s about a dying, 10 year-old girl –” This is posted before the judge’s order. “It’s about a dying, 10 year-old girl and a sexagenarian, politically connected trial lawyer. It’s about official malfeasance treated as human error when a Democrat is president. It’s about power and systemic corruption that is unremarkable to people offended that George W. Bush didn’t call his advisers liars to their face. It is about Fred Baron and Sarah Murnaghan.”



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