Money can corrupt people absolutely. Look what it has done to DC with its unlimited wallet.
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Twenty-seven NFL players have been arrested since the Super Bowl, and, you know, a lot of people are gonna say, “Rush, it’s the concussions.” A lot of the lawyers are gonna say, “It’s the concussions. It’s the brain injuries.” Other people are going to assign this to other things. But clearly, folks — clearly — there is something that has been effervescing out there. It’s been bubbling up within the feeder system for the National Football League. Here are examples:

“Michael Boley, New York Giants (Feb. 8): Arrested for child abuse in Alabama. Da’Quan Bowers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Feb. 18): Arrested for having a gun in his luggage at LaGuardia Airport, charges later reduced to disorderly conduct. Al Netter, San Francisco 49ers (Feb. 22): Arrested for DUI in California. Desmond Bryant, Cleveland Browns (Feb. 24): Arrested for criminal mischief in Miami. J’Marcus Webb, Chicago Bears (Feb. 24): Arrested for marijuana possession in Illinois, charges dropped. Javarris James, Arizona Cardinals (March 7): Arrested for failing to appear in court in Florida.

“Quinton Carter, Denver Broncos (March 9): Arrested for allegedly cheating at craps at a Vegas casino, case dismissed. Cody Grimm, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (March 10 and May 28): Arrested for public intoxication in Virginia twice. Evan Rodriguez, Chicago Bears (March 21 and May 31): Arrested for resisting an officer in Miami (charged later dropped), and then for DUI, speeding and ‘improper lane usage.’ Trumaine Johnson, St. Louis Rams (March 22): Arrested for misdemeanor DUI in Montana.

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