The Left is in Tizzy Over the Supreme Court Ruling on the Voting Rights Act


Liberals will work out a new way to cheat.
Check it out:

Supreme Court rule today that states can no longer be judged by voting discrimination that went on decades ago. This is a decision that marks the end of a major civil rights-era reform, the Voting Rights Act. A 5-4 ruling, and it rewrites a key element of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which for 50 years has given the federal government unprecedented say in everything, from how states draw their congressional maps, to where they place polling locations. It was all rooted in the belief that southern states were highly discriminatory against blacks, not letting them vote, not letting them register, so the states were totally subservient to the federal government when it came to voting.

The federal government, under this act, had the right to tell the states everything: how they were gonna draw their districting maps, how they were gonna run elections and all that. And the Supreme Court today just threw that out, saying it’s no longer applicable. I think if anybody should be punished for voting rights violations today, it should be the Democrat Party. The Democrats created the Ku Klux Klan to keep blacks from voting Republican. When that didn’t work, they created and enforced the Jim Crow laws to make it hard for ’em to vote Republican. It’s the Democrat Party and agents of influence like the New Black Panthers which now terrorize voters in black districts. How about the fact that Romney, in 59 Philadelphia voting districts, didn’t get one vote? Romney did not get one vote. Zero, folks, zero votes in 59 districts.



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