The Gang of Nine: It’s Obama’s Bill


Just like ObamaCare.
Check it out:

It’s Obama running this immigration show.

Which is kind of interesting because… Well, the fact that Obama is running it and nobody knew about it, that’s the Limbaugh Theorem. But the Times has come along now and blown that out of the water and said that Obama is running it, which tells me that they think they’re on the verge of it happening, and it tells me that for some reason they do want Obama getting credit for this (the New York Times does), which is a puzzlement, because the American people don’t want this.

And Obama’s success has been his detachment from things happening that the American people don’t want. They don’t want this. So we’ll just have to keep a sharp eye as we have been doing. The Washington Examiner has a story: “President Obama was behind the effort to table Sen. John Cornyn’s border security amendment, Politico’s Carrie Budoff Brown and Manu Raju report this morning.” So it’s the Washington Examiner just repeating what The Politico has sourced.

“According to the report, Sen. Chuck Schumer, came up with his idea of a ‘border surge’ after President Obama refused to accept the idea of a 90% trigger — a component of Cornyn’s amendment blocking citizenship for existing illegal immigrants unless a 90% apprehension rate of potential border crossers was reached,” and Schumer was prepared to try to make that happen in a watered-down way, and Obama heard about it.

Obama said, “Ain’t no way that that Cornyn amendment’s getting anywhere,” and Obama told Schumer, “You shelve it, table it, get rid of it,” and that’s what happened. So the media is making it clear that this is Obama’s baby. He’s running it. And by “Obama,” we mean, “the administration,” and by “the administration,” it’s Obama. He’s maybe not on the phone personally, but people who know what he wants are on the phone, and they’re running this bill.



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