The Gang of Eight Bill is a Replay of the Obamacare Disaster


Somehow we won’t know what is in the bill til it is passed.
Check it out:

The controversy on this continues to ratchet up as the pressure is being brought to bear by Dingy Harry to get this thing signed and sent over to the House. So the latest thing that’s happened is the CBO report has been issued on its cost-benefit analysis, the impact on the deficit and so forth. And the first report I had, I want to share with you is from Reuters. And the headline: “Senate Immigration Bill to Aid Economy, Budget Office Says.”

I’m telling you, folks, this is just factually impossible, but I’ll share it with you. They start by writing: “A White House-backed bill to overhaul the U.S. immigration system got a boost on Tuesday when the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office concluded that the measure would cut federal budget deficits and boost the US economy.” By the way, just like the CBO said Obamacare was gonna cut the deficit and lower the cost of health care. See, the CBO can only score what they’re given, and one of the tricks that’s being employed here — you know and I know, whatever number of illegal immigrants are at some point going to end up on welfare.

Now, the Gang of Eight bill prohibits newly, quote, unquote, legalized on the pathway to citizenship illegals from accessing Obamacare benefits or any other federal welfare benefits. However, they are not exempt from state welfare benefits. So they will end up, as a net expense increase, they will be, the newly arrived illegals — ask the people in California, even now. That’s what Prop 187 was all about. Even the children of illegals now get health care benefits, any number of welfare benefits, at the state level. So even if they’re denied federal welfare benefits does not mean they’re not gonna end up on welfare rolls. They will. Well, one of the tricks that they’ve employed here in the Gang of Eight bill is that eventually all these people will have access to federal benefits, but in this bill not for 10 years.

So, whatever economic benefit is said to derive from their being legalized is not being offset by any cost because there aren’t any costs for 10 years. It’s like Obamacare. The way they scored Obamacare to keep it under a trillion dollars a year was to do this: They said, “It’s a 10-year bill,” and remember, the magic number on Obamacare was a trillion dollars because the Iraq war cost around $900 billion, they said. The selling point for Obamacare was, “Hey, we’re just gonna replace the Iraq war costs with Obamacare.



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