The Fix is In on the Amnesty Bill


We’ll see what happening in the house. That might be our only chance.
Check it out:

It looks like the fix is in on the immigration bill. You know that amendment we were talking about, the Hoeven-Corker, that amendment, I’ve heard two things, a hundred pages or a thousand pages. But anyway, the whole bill is over a thousand pages now. I think the Hoeven-Corker amendment basically replaced the bill, and all you really have to know about immigration or anything else coming out of Washington these days, you know, we think that there are rules.

originalWe think there’s a Constitution. We think there are procedures. But all that goes out the window if Washington wants something. Nothing to do with what voters want. Nothing to do with constituencies or any of that. It’s what Washington wants. Washington wants this. The ruling class, doesn’t matter what party, Washington wants this so-called immigration reform and they’re not gonna stop until they get it and the heck with what constituencies want or what the Constitution says or any of that. There’s some really irritating revelations that have been discovered in this amendment.



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