Susan Rice and Samantha Power Appointments are a Giant In-Your-Face to Republicans


Obama is laughing all the way to the bank, or in his case the IRS.
Check it out:

Susan Rice and Samantha Power… yeah, folks, it is a giant in-your-face to the Republicans, exactly what it is. That’s who President Obama is.

“Okay, you guys think that Rice is bad news. You think Samantha Power… Here, let me give ’em even more. What do you think of that, Mitch? What do you think of that, John?” That’s exactly what this is. That’s who Obama is. And there’s no amount of news attention, there’s no amount of analysis of what Rice did and who Samantha Power is. You know, she’s Mrs. Cass Sunstein, and you know who Cass Sunstein is. Cass Sunstein is the Harvard Law professor who arguably is the leader of this entire belief system that the Bill of Rights is anti-government and needs to be changed.

This Constitution is a charter of negative liberties because it doesn’t tell the government what they can do. He’s the architect of that thinking, arguably. Samantha Power is his wife. She’s very anti-Israel. Of course Obama is gouging the Republicans in the eyes with these two appointments. That’s who he is.

Folks, let me explain. Susan Rice, I don’t care. I’d rather tell you what’s important down the road. The Susan Rice appointment, you’re supposed to be mad. Obama is relishing you getting mad. How dare he? The fact that this woman lied to the country and lied to the Republicans about Benghazi and he promotes her is exactly what he wants. James Carville’s out there even saying (impression), “Yeah, it’s an in-your-face appointment. He wanted her to be secretary of state, but the Republicans would never confirm her so this is what he’s doing, in-your-face, all right?”

He likes her. She is him. There’s nothing that’s gonna stop it. And the same thing with Samantha Power. These people are who they are. My point in all of this, there better be some stand-up push-back to some of this at some point, rather than just expressing outrage.



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