STATES’ RIGHTS FIGHT: Calif. Egg Laws on Other States


How about we keep government out of people’s business and farmers do what they think is best.
Check it out:

Should California tell farmers throughout the country how to run their farms? Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, says no.

“It’s exactly what our founding fathers wanted to avoid,” King said.

But the rural-state lawmaker is concerned over California’s strict laws on egg producers and other farmers as a result of Proposition 2, a ballot initiative passed by voters in 2008. The law requires egg producers to increase their cage size to more than 200 square inches, more than triple the industry recommendation. As a result, farmers from other states must comply with California hen cage standards if they wish to sell their product in the Golden State.

If they don’t comply, they can’t do business there.

But not if King has his way. He’s proposed an amendment to the pending farm bill in Congress which would allow farmers in other states to sell eggs in California without having to comply with the state’s law.



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