Smile! FBI scanning driver’s license images


Something else for Obama to abuse.
Check it out:

The FBI has gained access to driver’s license photos for residents of Nebraska, Illinois, South Carolina, Utah, North Carolina, Delaware, Texas and other states to hunt for suspects in criminal investigations.

In memorandums obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, the FBI is authorized to search state databases, which include images and personal information.

“A probe photo refers to the photo of the subject of an active FBI investigation that is submitted for search against a photo repository,” states the FBI’s agreement with Illinois, which is nearly identical to agreements with other states.

“The anticipated result of that search will be a photo gallery of potential matches. These potential matches (candidates) will be forwarded to the FBI, along with any associated information stored with the photo.”

The disclosure comes even as the FBI has been caught obtaining the records of news, the National Security Agency has been found to be mining the cell phone records of millions of innocent Americans, the Internal Revenue Service has admitted to operating to targeting tea-party groups and Americans’ trust in their government in plunging.



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