Since When are Democrats Interested in What’s Best for the GOP?


Border security has to be first.
Check it out:

There’s a thing in the House called the Hastert Rule, and it’s historically called the Hastert Rule. It’s not something that’s actually literally codified, but it’s what everybody knows it to be. And it basically says that — he’s a former Speaker — that a bill will not be brought to the floor of the House unless the whip count is such that there’s a majority of Republican support for it.

Now, one of the original thoughts was that Boehner would bring the bill to the floor of the House before it was known or even without majority Republican support. Supposedly that’s not gonna be the case. Supposedly Boehner is going to invoke the Hastert rule here. So it all boils down to what happens in the House, and of course you know the theory, passes the Senate, goes to the House where the House has their own bill that looks really, really good and then those two bills go to conference committee where they get negotiated.

Two different bills have to become one, and the theory is that the fix is in the House, and the Senate bill will basically be the version of the Bill the House agrees to in conference so that the one bill the House ultimately and the Senate ultimately vote on will be the conference bill that will be pretty much like the Senate bill and therefore it passes. So goes the theory because there are a number of Republicans that have already signaled, Congress Ryan among them, that he’s in favor of the Senate bill or something like it.

Still a theory. Nobody knows for sure. But it is one of the things being bandied about in terms of alerting people. The purpose there is so those people would exert pressure on the House, make sure that doesn’t happen. The other theory is that the bill is designed to die in the House and provide the Democrats with a campaign issue going into 2014.



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