Sen. McCain: Viewers should choose which cable channels to buy


How about get the FCC out of what I have to have on my cable? How about you just leave private business alone?
Check it out:

Sen. John McCain is pushing cable TV providers to offer channels a la carte, arguing viewers shouldn’t have to pay for the ones they never watch.

Mr. McCain, Arizona Republican, said this week the time has come for customers be able to either select their channels individually or purchase the tiers of bundled channels that cable and satellite providers typically offer.

“Today, this option does not exist and consumers are forced to buy channels they do not want,” he said in a letter to Mignon Clyburn, acting chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission. “This is wrong and action should be taken.”

Mr. McCain said he has introduced legislation that would not mandate providers, or multichannel video programming distributors (MVPD), to offer channels individually, although it would incentivize them to do so.



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