Secret Service Buys Fleet Of Tractors To Protect Obama


Are we really this incompetent or just totally stupid? Somehow these must be a gift for someone.
Check it out:

SECRET Service spooks are disguising themselves as FARMERS to protect Barack Obama from terrorist threats at the G8 summit.

They have even bought a fleet of TRACTORS ahead of the US President’s arrival in Northern Ireland tomorrow for the two-day meeting.

The agents’ plan is to pose as local farmers in the sprawling fields around the five-star lakeside hotel complex hosting the huge event.

But locals near the Lough Erne resort reckon it will not take any potential terrorists long to spot the spooks — as their sparkling tractors are all brand new.

One said: “They reckon the vehicles will let them patrol the fields around the hotel unnoticed — but they’ll stick out like sore thumbs.

“It’s comedy gold really, like something out of Father Ted.”



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