Russia to send nuclear submarines to southern seas

Russian submarine is anchored on Neva River in central part of the city of St. Petersburg

More signs that our wimp of a President is losing control worldwide.
Check it out:

Russian missile-carrying nuclear submarines are resuming patrolling in southern latitudes of the World Ocean to ensure military stability and parity the world over, as reported “Voice of Russia”.

This came in a live interview with the Voice of Russia by a military expert, editor-in-chief of the National Defence magazine, Igor Korotchenko.

The Russian missile-carrying submarines should on a permanent basis patrol the areas whence they could, if necessary, launch sea-based ICBMs in no time.

At present, Russia has nine nuclear submarines in its Northern and Pacific Fleets. New submarines of the Borei-class are currently being built in Russia, complete with the Bulava solid-propellant missile.



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