Rubio: Senate Bill Needs More Border Security


There seems to be different statements from Rubio every day. Hopefully most are just the liberal media taking him out of context.
Check it out:

Appearing on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, Sen. Marco Rubio conceded that the border security provisions in the Gang of 8 Senate bill aren’t sufficient to win passage for the bill. He sidestepped a question on whether he would support the current bill without tightened border security, arguing he was optimistic a deal could be reached.

Acknowledging recent criticism of the Senate bill, Rubio said, “I think they have pointed to valid criticisms of how the border security plan is structured in the bill, and quite frankly very reasonable ways to address it.”

“A bill that does not have increased border security, which everyone now I think has conceded needs to happen — I think the debate now is about what that border security provision looks like. And if we do that, this bill will have strong bipartisan support,” Rubio said. “If we fail, we’re going to keep trying, because at the end of the day, the only way we’re going to pass an immigration reform law out of the House and Senate so the president can sign it is, that it has real border security measures within it.”



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